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Create an Event

Create events for volunteers to join.

Unlimited events, with unlimited potential. Post your event to YourUnity, and let us do the rest of the work for you! Simply fill out the title of the event, location, time, a short description, and any requirements for the event.

Track your events.

Track every event that you post to YourUnity. See how many people are interested in your event, how many show up, and the number of hours that they log at your event. Many more analytics are coming every day to YourUnity to help you understand how to drive even more people to them.

Track Events
Update Volunteers

Update volunteers on any sudden event changes.

YourUnity gives you the unique ability to send a notification to all of your volunteers with the click of a button, guaranteeing that any pertinent information for your events has the attention of the people that matter most.

Community, for Service Leaders.

Check individual volunteer hours within volunteer group.
Upload required documents through docusign.
Directly contact service providers through the YourUnity app.
Coming Soon...

Community, for Volunteers.

YourUnity iPhone app screenshot
YourUnity iPhone app screenshot
YourUnity iPhone app screenshot

Find events that interest you.

Track your hours.

No paper. Anytime.

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